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The Business in Energy is an interactive workshop that describes a business' electricity production options in Southern Africa. We show how your business can access these new opportunities with a self-generation profile. Roof-top solar photovoltaic power and independent power producers are being encouraged. And, these offer ways around the crippling, above-inflation tariff increases coupling the intermittent power-interruptions. 

You will learn ways to manage your energy needs to help sustain, and even grow, your own business!

The Business in Energy Workshop helps to answer pertinent questions like:

  • Where do we begin to access the emerging energy sector opportunities?
  • Why has the price for renewable energy coming down so rapidly?
  • What triggers the on-going, above-inflation electricity tariff increases?
  • How does South Africa currently produce electricity?
  • How do these factors impact our business’ profitability?
  • What about solar power generation for my business? And feed-in tariffs?
  • Is there financing for my self-generation project?

Who should participate:  Business owners; managing directors; financial directors; facility managers; architects; business advisors; insurance advisors; business funders; cold-storage industry; electrical engineers; auditors; project managers; agro-processing; food manufacturers; entrepreneurs and other forward-thinking, environmental students and individuals

Come discover the ways to keep your lights on!
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Thanks very much for an informative and interesting presentation this morning.  Your passion for sustainable energy is contagious - Z Umar

Solar array in field in evening
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Teri KrugerTeri Kruger - Presenter and Project Director

As the first lady in renewable energies to receive a Businesswomen’s Association Regional Business Achiever Award in 2013, Teri Kruger has investigated, advocated and applied best sustainable practice approaches across business, NPO’s and public services for over 15 years. In addition, her contribution towards energy poverty alleviation; injury prevention practices and the environmental sectors has attracted international recognition. She brings entrepreneurial experience across an array of key industries.

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