Teri Kruger

Teri Kruger of Synergetics Sustainable Solutions
Purveyor of Power, Strategist, Speaker, Integrator

Teri Kruger is the Founding Director and Strategist at Synergetics Africa, a sustainable solutions business.  Synergetics supports progressive organisations to generate their own electricity using the sun’s free rays and avoid the crippling loadshedding events with high quality, South African produced, lithium-ion batteries.

This approach offers our clients an opportunity to position themselves with a competitive advantage in a future of an energy, water and carbon-constrained world. 

Teri has received multiple awards for her contributions to renewable energy, environmental sustainability, as well as science, engineering, and technology.  Her speaking career has taken her to Japan, Austria, India and many engagements in South Africa, on global stages, as well as with educational institutions.

Her knowledge base extends to the fields of business strategy, product demand creation, renewable energy power generation, resource efficiency, technical standards, youth development, child injury prevention, and, environmental risk mitigation. So bringing insights to your needs from a number of perspectives. 

With a passion for people and the environment, Teri wants to create the momentum that induces positive change. Her focus is to support an organisation's success by reducing essential resource costs by empowering its operations with cheaper and cleaner power. Thereby mitigating your businesses’ risks, and climate change impacts for you to gain a significant business advantage. 

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