About Us

Synergetics Sustainable Solutions helps progressive businesses to position themselves with a competitive advantage in a future of an energy, water and carbon-constrained world. Synergetics’ business is about liberating capital for re-investment in your companies’ growth and towards building your resilience to rising energy costs, water constraints and erratic supply. This also makes you more attractive to green investors.

We support your business with tailored energy, water and waste management plans.  Synergetics guides your organisational change from risk assessment and service design conceptualisation through to implementation, funding, and transfer of skills.  We ensure your success by training and mentoring your internal teams.

Supporting forward-thinking organisations with environmentally
sustainable energy management systems


Synergetics’ vision is to be the lead women-owned consultancy providing energy and environmental services to the public and business sectors by catalysing and facilitating the evolution of policy to action.


The Synergetics enterprise mission is to be socially conscious entrepreneurs committed to supporting forward-thinking businesses with environmentally sustainable socio-economic management systems - that can improve their competitiveness and attract green investors.

Process Management

We guide your organisational change from the conceptualisation of the plan through to implementation, evaluation, reporting and skills transfer. We support your organisation to adapt its activities to help mitigate risk with a view to reducing your negative environmental impacts. And gain a competitive edge

Critical Success Factors

Certain factors are pivotal in ensuring successful project delivery

  • Establishment of a clear set of common goals and milestones
  • Availability of personnel, documentation and facilities to ensure that assessment and measurements and documentation can be done timeously.
  • The sharing of data to allow decisions to be made based on the most recent and accurate information
  • Effective reporting and communications